About Rising Cock Coffee

In the rugged, untamed landscape of 1852 San Francisco, William Lutz, a hard-nosed gold miner, was as well-known for his insatiable craving for a sturdy, hearty coffee as he was for his tenacious work ethic. The feeble brews served in town offered him no more satisfaction than a lukewarm bath on a frigid morning. The watery concoctions just couldn't stand up to the demands of the day.

In the dew-drenched hours of early morning, Lutz would stand in his yard, nursing a weak cup of the dismal excuse for coffee, his face etched with discontent. The only company in these solitary moments was his faithful rooster, a bold and fearless bird, whose strident crow echoed with the promise of a new day.

As Lutz watched his cock herald the dawn with such unabashed audacity, an idea started to simmer. He wanted his coffee to mirror the spirit of his cock - robust, confident, and unafraid to assert its presence.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Lutz threw himself into the task of creating a coffee that was as potent as his cock's wake-up call. He hunted down the finest beans, experimented with roasting techniques, and brewed countless pots of coffee, tirelessly refining his process in the pursuit of that perfect cup.

His dedication bore fruit in the form of Rising Cock Coffee, a brew that echoed the fearless crow of his cock, a coffee as bold and audacious as dawn itself.

Rising Cock Coffee was the result of one man's quest to capture the very essence of his cock's crow in a cup of coffee - a brew so confident, so bold, that it leaves an unforgettable impression on your senses, much like the unabashed crow of a rooster at dawn.

Okay – so if you made it to this point congratulations, none of the above is true, but isn’t that more fascinating than a typical 'About Us' page?

On a real note, this all started from 2018 when I found myself stuck in a world of coffee brands that took themselves way too seriously. Skulls, guns, devils—it was like a gothic art convention. The world of coffee felt heavy, serious, and honestly, a bit boring. And so, I decided to mix my marketing chops, my die-hard love for coffee, and a slightly immature sense of humor that I refuse to outgrow. The result? The world got its first comedy coffee brand, Rising Cock Coffee.

If this is your maiden voyage with us, brace yourself—it's gonna be wild. And if you're back for another round, damn, you've got good taste.

Drink responsibly, or don’t – we're not your mom,

The Rising Cock Coffee Team