Naughty Noir (French Roast)

Dark Roast | 12oz

211 Five-Star Reviews

Like that little black dress that always turns heads, our Naughty Noir French Roast is tantalizing, risqué, and downright irresistible. As our darkest roast, this delicious blend doesn't just dance with the idea of a French Roast—it seduces it into a midnight escapade that lasts till dawn. The result? You'll just have to sip it yourself. We don't kiss and tell.

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People can't stop talking about our cock and we're flattered. Don't take our word for it - see why there's a special magic that comes with fondling our beans.


Bought this as a gag gift for my caffeine-addicted friend, and it backfired. She's obsessed, and now I am, too. Is this how cults start? Because I'm in.

- Sarah M.


Was skeptical about the hype, but damn, they deliver. The coffee's as bold and cheeky as their marketing.

- Jake R.


This coffee is the only reason I'm a morning person now. It's like the universe looked down on me and said, 'I got you.' Never going back to the grocery store brand.

- Cole T.


Bought this on a whim because of the witty descriptions, but didn't expect to be blown away by the quality.

- Brett K.


Their customer service is top-notch. Had a minor issue with my order, and it was resolved quicker than I've experienced anywhere else. Plus, the coffee tastes fantastic.

- Katie S.


Their shipping speed is unreal. I'm not saying they're using time travel, but I'm not not saying it either.

- Dave P.