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Tastes so amazing! Very Flavorful.. Will be reordering.

This coffee is LITERALLY the best tasting coffee I've ever tasted! Ive tried a LOT of different coffees, & this 1 by far is the smoothest I've ever tasted! Caffeine content is pretty good, I have an extremely high tolerance for caffeine so I can't really judge for others who has a lower tolerance. This product has the perfect combination of taste, quantity, quality, & price! So if you're on the fence about trying it, lemme give ya a lil boost, GET IT! Rejection of this coffee does have a side effect of regret later because you'll end up trying it sooner or later, & you'll see what I'm talking about. I've done the experimenting for you. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain! This is a review, not a marketing strategy therefore I have nothing to gain from this review, it's just my honest opinion! Nothin else matters 😂😂. Real talk tho, great coffee!!!!

It’s a little weak for my taste. Had to use less water.

A little pricey with shipping costs but good coffee. I just wish each bag had the description of its contents like website, i.e. hints of chocolate, etc.

The flavors are amazing and the coffee taste great! Will be ordering more!

Great flavor and will reorder again for sure.

Some of the best coffee I've ever had.

Love the smell and flavor! Wonderful coffee!

Great coffee. Strong vanilla flavor

No different than any other coffee bean. Taste wasn’t the best either.

It’s delicious.

I like trying different coffee brands and this one was very good. I’ve also bought several bags for family members and they’ve all loved it recommended to any coffee lover.

Bought as a gift and it was a hit!

Great coffee! Got my attention with the name of it but, it is amazing coffee also. Will order again

Great coffee! Got my attention with the names of it. But it is really tasty coffee also. Will order again.

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Have not received this order.

Have not received this order.